Popsicles & Pillow Forts

This morning I woke up with a first grader. By lunch I had a second grader. In between the carpool lane and the chair in my office, I teared up. It wasn’t because I’m worried I didn’t take enough photos or didn’t attend a field trip. It’s because I’m just so damn proud. I’m proud of both of us. 

Our faces should be the number one image when you google “resilience.” We’re a team. I’m the ketchup to his nugget. The ranch to his pizza. What an incredible year we have had! I can’t be more thankful for the village of people in our unlikely yet magical bubble in Dallas. People can be amazing. 

My goal this year is to remain humble and grateful. At the halfway mark, I feel on target! I love our life and the people we hold close to our hearts. I’m proud of how we’ve navigated this year. I’m humbled by how much grace has been shown. So many of you who barely know us have individuality and privately reached out to show your love, concern, and generosity with your heart and we cannot begin to thank you enough. 

Life is amazing, full, warm, and just blessed in infinite ways. My life is so busy. When my son falls asleep, I always sneak in to just look at him. In those moments my life slows down and I’m in absolute awe. It’s those beautiful moments where a sleeping little boy is capable of showing me a world of love that no one else can. If anyone deserves a superhero cape, it’s him. 

This summer I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Friday, too much time at the pool, lots of orange popsicles, pillow forts that take over our house for days, staying up too late, and being guilty of too many snuggle parties with one very cute little boy. 

I really love summer.

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