“My life, my life has to be like this. It has to keep going up.”

It seems like an eternity since I scribbled down my thoughts. My dark tunnel turned out to be the passage to unveil a beautiful period in my life. I once heard someone say, “Things are replaceable but people and relationships aren’t.” I thought I had a grip on what that meant but I was wrong. 

I have a few very special people that have walked into my life recently. They have given me grace when I haven’t deserved it. They have offered it just because they are good souls. They’ve listened when I have cried or complained and been at my most vulnerable. They’ve held me when I had no idea how I would pick up the pieces. I recognize that not everyone is so fortunate. This is a thank you to each one of those people. Little do they know how much they have renewed my faith in people during an otherwise dark time for me. 

My son is the person I owe the biggest thank you to. He’s the reason I refused to crawl into that big dark hole to throw the most extravagant pity party you can imagine. His heart is so pure and kind. 

I’m so excited for life right now. I’m amazed when I think back on where I was even two months ago. I think it speaks to how amazing the people around me are. They are forgiving and understanding beyond measure. I’m the busiest I’ve ever been both professionally and personally. I’m often tired but I don’t remember the last time I was so happy and had so many things to be proud of. I think it’s easy to agree when you hear some cliche about people and relationships not being replaceable. But being at your worst and having people who show up and unknowingly elevate you to your very best is a pretty incredible and humbling experience. 

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