Reset Your Humble Gauge.

There are evenings I look at my tired self in the mirror and want to write the phrase “STAY HUMBLE” in red lipstick on the mirror. I’m hoping it will leave a stain that I can’t seem to get rid of no matter how many times I find an amazing Pinterest pin declaring it will completely remove lipstick from a mirror. Why? Because I never want to forget to be humble.

Let’s be honest. I’m tired. I’m really tired.

hosHowever, I am never too tired to pry my eyes open for “One more story”, “Mommy, please sing sunshine song again.” I salute you too, Moms. You are doing the same thing. Every. Single. Night. Your daily schedule is likely different from mine but we are all moms. Do not let anyone tell you that your day is any easier, less complicated, more cushioned than theirs. The reality is that every one of us magically gets the day done only to lay our tired heads on a pillow. We all fall asleep praying that this wasn’t the day we didn’t do enough, love enough, or pay enough attention. Just stop it. It was enough.

I’ve been in a room of others mom’s before and thought, “I have nothing in common with any of these women.” My perspective was wrong. Common ground is all you need. We each pray for our babies to be healthy and happy. It’s simple. We are each doing our very best for our children.

I’ve never been a new year’s resolution kind of girl. I have never understood why I can’t just decide something is right for me and do it. However, I feel differently this year. I want to be consistently humble.

Last month I randomly went to tidy up the restroom my son uses. I’ll admit, I used to become slightly irritated for what I found. Often I’d find that he hadn’t put his towel up, imagehad wasted the ENTIRE tube of newly purchased toothpaste to paint the mirror, or that he thought it was super cool to decorate the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper.

This particular evening was different. I checked out of my day for a moment and sat there. I saw a shower curtain halfway closed. I felt proud he tried to close it on his cute tippy toes. I saw bath toys randomly everywhere. I felt grateful I was blessed with a child with a creative mind. I saw toothpaste in the sink where he had drawn a heart for me to find. I found toothpaste splattered on the mirror. I felt relieved I didn’t have to ask him to take some initiative. Oddly enough, I left that bathroom more humbled and grateful than I had anywhere else in my life in a very long time. I savored each page of the story book that night. I sang our special “Sunshine Song” until I saw his sweet face fall asleep. I sat there wondering if he would ever truly know how much he’s taught me.

yardSince that evening, I’ve felt more grateful for many people in my life. I’ve recognized just how great people can be. Perhaps it’s always been there but resetting my “humble gauge” has given me a renewed heart that is incredibly grateful. Each of us know how challenging
parenting can be. I can also attest to how difficult juggling life can be. I’m learning to really savor the reality that I am guiding my son through life. However, we will forever be educating each other as we navigate each phase of life. And that is the most beautiful and humbling gift I could ever receive.

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